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About the place 

דרך התנ"ך אל הטבע מכמנים טיול טיולים גליל back to nature camping outdoor lodge hotel hostel bible israel galilee nazareth acre motel לינה חאן קמפינג אירוח צפון חאנים אוהל משפחות קבוצות אוהלים חופשה

At the top of Mount Kamon, in front of the spectacular view of the Beit HaKerem valley and the Upper Galilee mountains, there is an ecological garden, which recreates an agricultural village from the time of the Bible. bees that 40 years ago they arrived at the place, quarried the stones, planted an orchard of trees, arbors of vines, bushes and flowers, erected the stone khan that simulates an ancient building, the tent and the various arbors, and restored the agricultural facilities - the house of the cloth, the threshing floor and the wine press.Thanks to years of work, as well as thanks to the wonderful location, they were able to realize their dream: to build a place where nature, values, and simplicity fit together. 

We chose to create the place out of love for nature, out of great curiosity about ancient crafts and out of the desire to get closer to nature, to allow it to calm us down, to let our guests be present with our loved ones in an intimate and calm meeting. Sit for a moment, feet on feet and just drink tea, play, hang out. A moment of peace from the race of life.

We believe that nature heals and offer a space where you can stay in a simple and natural place and still enjoy the rest that the place offers. We believe that when we are close to nature, enjoying everything it has to offer us, we also less want to harm it and connect to the values of ecology and nature conservation and offer our guests to enjoy the experience of being in nature, while loving and preserving nature. 

The biblical village serves as a workshop and hospitality center for groups of visitors and families who wish to return to the experience of life in the time of the Bible: school students, groups of adults and families on the occasion of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, as well as a meeting place for people looking for a different style, touching, connected to the past, to the land, to nature , to the Galilean tradition and experience.

The village is immersed in a blooming orchard. Among the arbors of vines, olives and figs, there are corners for comfortable sitting and a large selection of alternative equipment for entertaining: beautiful and comfortable pillows, mattresses and special tables of different heights.

In the summer when the whole country is hot and humid, here it is pleasant and even a little cool in the evenings and in the winter, sitting by the burning fireplace and enjoying the beauty of the landscape.

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