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Wine press hut

 At the end of the garden is an ancient stone wine press that used to smash the grapes in the process of making wine. Nearby is a small hut made of wooden beams, woven canes and a vine climbing above. The special  gives a feeling of solitude in the heart of nature. Just as our ancestors lived in huts in nature during the harvest season.

 Recommended  especially for families visiting the place and wishing to spend a moment of pleasure and joy together.


  What's included: 

- accommodation of 4-6 guests

- Outdoor seating area with a private fire pit and grill

- Double bed, mattresses and pillows 

- option of sheets blankets and covers (extra fee)        

- Cozy fireplace in the winter fans and AC in the summer (a pleasant and cool place even in the summer)

- All the facilities of the place listed on home page (: 

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