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The "Back to nature" ecological garden hosts groups of visitors and schools for an experience that combines all the senses. We offer workshops and tours of the site, which include tasting the fragrances of the place, its scenery and its spirit.


A day in Machmenim: a tour that includes landscape observations, current affairs in the Galilee, and a visit to the restored biblical village. Familiarity with the medicinal plants that grow in the area and their uses. According to the season, we will operate the agricultural facilities on the site: Olive press - for extracting the olive oil, a threshing floor for threshing and grinding the wheat kernels, and a winery , for harvesting and picking grapes. The visit will be accompanied by herbal tea, self-prepared pita bread. You can combine "nature's gift" with a workshop that leaves a product: shepherd's flutes, lavender sachets, bee-wax candles, perfumed oil, medallions and more...

The world of bees and epitherapy: we will visit the beehive Mechmanim honey And we will get to know the process of collecting honey and other apiary products. We will glimpse into the life of bees in the glass hive and get to know the wonderful world of bees. We will continue with an epitherapy workshop - healing with the help of beehive products, in the Stone Khan, and finish with a guided honey tasting in a selection of flavors. 

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