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Stone Khan 

Between the paths of the garden stands the stone khan restored in the spirit of ancient times, arched windows to the view of the Galilee and the sea, a vine climbing above, comfort and warmth of carpets, mattresses and pillows, a wood fireplace for heating in the winter and a Galilean chill in the summer. The khan Surrounded by a stone plaza, an fig orchard and cozy spots that allow sitting under the trees during the summer.

Thanks to its size and beauty, it hosts families, group gatherings, workshops, conferences and even feasts and musical performances - all while combining its unique character with the needs of visitors.


  What's included: 

- accommodation of 30-60 guests

- Outdoor seating area with a private fire pit and grill

- Mattresses and pillows

- option of sheets, blankets and covers         

- Cozy fireplace in the winter fans in the summer (a pleasant and cool place even in the summer)

- All the facilities of the place listed on home page (: 

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