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Recommended activities:

Great activities that we enjoy every time!

You will find here activties for the whole family, with a partner or friends. With If it's a place in nature, with animals or just hanging around a swimming pool


  Taiko's Tea House - Mikhmanim

On the summit of Kamon Mountain in the heart of a spectacular landscape, Taiko's Japanese Tea House is located. The restaurant and guest rooms overlook the views of the Lower Galilee from Haifa Bay in the west to the Aarbel cliffs and the Sea of Galilee in the east. The place is combined with a Japanese garden and a natural forest of oak trees, elms and wildflowers.

The visit is by prior arrangement


Address: Mikhmanim

Contact: 054-217-6872          

Healing touch - treatments for body and mind

On our mountain in the neighboring village of Kamon, there are two amazing therapists who invite you to a pampering and relaxing treatment, which allows the body to rest and let go. The treatment provides moments of contentment and peace from our busy everyday life.

To set an appointment: Neely - 050-279-4450

אזור 51.jpg

Area 51 - Laser Tag Karmiel

Most innovative and advanced equipment, air-conditioned arena, ultraviolet lighting, exciting design and challenging atmosphere suitable for ages 6 to 206

At all hours of the day by appointment


Contact: 058-6651516

Address: Ha'Yotzrim 6, Karmiel 

Gravity park-

Gravity Park is a large closed and air-conditioned  park for all ages that includes over 1000 meters of experiences and attractions for the whole family


Address: Haroshet 15, Karmiel

Contact: 04-993-8717    

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 15:00-21:00 \ Friday 12:00-19:00 \ Thursday 10:00-21:00

קיר טיפוס_edited.jpg

cmampus - Climbing Wall - Carmiel

campus offers a wide range of activities for all ages, climbing, ninja, parkour, slackline, aerial acrobatics, juggling, coffee bar and a good atmosphere.


Hours of operation:  Sunday-Thursday: 14:00-23:00 / Friday: 10:00-16:00 / Saturday: 12:00-20:00

Address: Karmiel, Hermesh Street 9

Contact: 04-6060536

Lotem Winery- 

Lotem Winery is an organic boutique winery, which combines the making of quality wine, from a selection of grape varieties grown in the Upper Galilee region on the outskirts of Mount Miron. You can enjoy the wonderful view of the Galilee and the Sea of Galilee, a wine flight along with a detailed explanation of each of them, the organic process in particular and its unique production process.


Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday  11:00 - 18:00 \ Friday 12:00 - 18:00 \ Saturday 10:00 - 18:00 (must book in advance)

Address: at the entrance to the settlement of Lotem, in the old industrial area

Contact: 073-394-3305

בריכה קיבוץ.jpg

Swimming pool- 
Kibbutz Moran

The pool is active from  June on weekends only and in July and August all week

For contact: Noam- 054-2595911

Zoo-harakim  Shekhanya

The Zoo-harakim visitor center was opened for children and adults alike, an experiential and intriguing window into two worlds unknown to most of the public - the world of insects, which make up about 95% of all animal species, and the fascinating world of reptiles, which have been walking the earth for about 350 million years.


The visit is by prior arrangement - by phone or on the website

Address: Shekhaniya Industrial Area

Contact: 072-3301112_


Monkey Forest -

The Monkey Forest is a monkey park, and zoo, located in Moshav Yodfat and focuses mainly on breeding monkeys. In the park there are cages with monkeys and indoor walking tracks, which visitors can feed and see the monkeys directly.


Opening hours: Sunday 10:00-15:00 Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00 Saturday 9:00-16:00 (* the checkout closes one hour before the site closes)

Address: Moshav Yodfat

Contact: 04-9801265                

makom Ba'Lev -
Hefer farm- 

The farm and house of Edna and Eyal Hefer in Mitzpe Abirim sits in the heart of a natural forest, with a view overlooking the sea and beautiful trails to Nahal Kziv and the surrounding area. Self-service coffee and drink corner, self-service wine cheeses and ice creams, a field trip in Romanticar, a full day or half day without a guide, and more...


Contact: 052-583-2532            

Address: third house on the right, 11 Abirim, 1380600

The visit is by appointment

מקום אין הארט.jpg
צפת העתיקה.jpg

Old Safed

Safed is a city that, beyond the narrow and so beautiful alleys, is imbued with many diverse and rich elements: art, culture, food, landscapes, Judaism, history and archeology

In the old city you can visit the arts district, the Bible Museum, the Beit Meiri Museum, the Citadel Hill and more...

Templars Tunnel -
Old Acre

The Templar tunnel is a remnant of the Templar order that operated in Acre starting in 1187, when the temple guards - the Templars - were expelled from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The audiovisual experience at the venue combines special animation with sound and light and is suitable for families with children, groups and individuals.


Address: along the coastal strip, from the old city towards the north.

For information regarding the activities of the tourist sites, opening hours and prices, please visit the official website


Basilica of the Annunciation- 

The Church of the Gospel is one of the most holy and famous in the Christian world and the most magnificent in the Middle East. The center of the church is the ancient cave where the gospel was given. Archaeological remains were also found in the place, indicating that the place was used for worship even before the time of Jesus. Nearby is the Church of St. Joseph, in the place where Joseph's husband Miriam's carpentry worked.


Address: El Bishara Street

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 8:00-17:00 (admission is free)

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