Location - Exploring the area 

Biblical Roots is located on the top of Mt.Camunin which is the highest mountain in the lower Galilee. It offers easy access to some of the most beautiful and lush regions in Israel, as well as its mosaic of cultures. Only a short drive away, you can reach ancient cities like Acre (Akko), Safed (Tzfat) and Tiberias, witness the spectacular views from the Upper Galilee, or swim in the rivers and beaches surrounding the Sea of Galilee.As locals who know the area well, we have selected a few of the best sites in the area. For additional questions or to book a guided tour, please contact Omer Rake, a qualified tour guide and part of the Biblical Roots family: 0549567388.


Jonathan Trail

Level of difficulty: Easy (suitable for the whole family)

Track length: 2km (1.25 miles)

Israel hiking trail: Green

The Jonathan Trail is a circular hiking trail that goes around the community of Michmanim. The route overlooks the magnificent panoramic view from the top of Mt.Camun, from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights in the east. Members of the Michmanim community, the military unit Magelan and his friends established the trail in memory of Jonathan Hadassi, who fell in the Second Lebanon War. Along the trail there are songs, poems and messages written in his memory, creating a moving tribute. The full track length is about 1.5 hours.

More information available from tour guide YoavAbniaon


Camun Spring and stream

The Camun Spring trail is recommended during the winter and spring.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Medium

Track length: 2-3km (1.25-1.86 miles)

Israel hiking trail: Black

From Michmanim, go to the village of Camun. The route begins at the entrance. The trail drops down into a small valley carved into the rock over many years by water flow. The path is under a Mediterranean forest of oak, mastic and arbutus trees. When visiting the path in the spring, if you’re lucky you might also spot a salamander. You can then hike back up the path to your car at the entrance of Camun.For a medium level of difficulty, continue to the Wadi Salameh community. You will need to arrange for a car to take you back to Camun       (or you can hike back!)


Upper Nahal (river) Tzalmon

Level of difficulty: Easy

Track length: 1.5km (0.9 miles)

Time: 1-2 hours

Israel hiking trail: Blue 3051

Drive to Karmiel from Michmanim and turn right towards Acre-Safed Highway (85). At the Rame intersection, turn right along Highway 804. The route begins at a gravel parking lot 3 km south of the intersection. The route is 1.5 km and ends near an old flourmill at a point where the river crosses the road.The route passes near the river through a forest of carob, oak and mastic trees, and many others, and is entirely situated within the NahalTzalmon National Park. In the past The water flow of the Nahal Tzalmon was used for nearby orchards, flourmills and aqueducts.

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