Tours, Workshops & musical performances

The ecological garden of Biblical Roots hosts groups for an experience that combines all the senses. We offer workshops, tours of the site and the community of Michmanim, featuring delicious local flavors, beautiful scenery, and the essence of Biblical Roots.

A Day in Michmanim: Tours include scenic lookouts, an informative insight into the current affairs of the Galilee area, and a tour through the agricultural features of the biblical-themed holiday village of Derech ha-Tanaach el haTeva.

Depending on the season, on-site agricultural workshops are available, including:

  • Becoming familiar with medicinal plants that grow in the area and their uses

  • An olive press for olive oil

  • Threshing and grinding wheat on the threshing floor

  • Harvesting and pressing grapes in the winepress

  • The visit ends with a cup herbal tea and homemade pita bread

We also have ‘Gift of Nature’ workshops, where you can keep the products, including:

  • Sheafs of wheat (a symbol of abundance)

  • Weaving and spinning

  • Pottery

  • Shepherd’s flute

  • Bags of lavender

  • Beeswax candles

  • Scented oil

  • Scented ointment

  • Medallions made from olive wood

  • And more!

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World of Bees and Apitherapy: Visit the thriving business of Michmanim
Honey to learn about the process of collecting honey and other bee products.
Peek into the life of the bees through a glass beehive and get to know the
wonderful world of bees. We will continue with an apitherapy healing
workshop using bee products in the Khan stone hut and finish with a guided
tasting tour of our variety of honey flavors.

Other Workshops

In addition, Biblical Roots offers a variety of workshops that can be incorporated any kind of visit.

A selection of available workshops:

>> Dance of Life

Let’s dance through life! Experience the sweeping movements of free dance accompanied by sounds, imagery and rhythms from around the world: African dancing, belly dancing, sufi dance and even theatere. The Dance of Life brings your body renewed awareness and improves listening, stability and self-acceptance. The workshop goes for 1.5 hours and is instructed by Dorit Dora, a dancer, actress and holistic healer. The workshop includes performance, movement therapy, dance and is suitable for groups and women’s meetings.



This is an experiential workshop that connects the world of juggling to daily life, and through yhis medium strengthens our body and soul. The workshop offers a new communication option through game. This workshop includes individual exercises and learning techniques with an emphasis on strengthening your weak side. Group exercises involve participants in the dynamics of teamwork (individual responsibility VS. collective responsibility) in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. A spectacular show combines virtuosity, humor and fire in the tradition of street performances. The show goes from humor, juggling, choreography of rhythm and movement to moving music, and tricks of light and fire. the participants have interactive role throughout the workshop. The performance, which is entertaining and lots of fun, reaches out to the child within. The workshop is about an hour and a half, and is led by Amit Gelman, a professional juggler and workshops instructor in ‘circus arts’.

>>George Saman and Salam Darwish: George plays violin, oud and the saze. Salem is a percussionist. Both are extreamly talented artists whove played with Ehud Banai and Micha Shitrit.

>>La vache qui ait: from klezmer, french chanson, rembetiko, wild hungarian scsardas to the gypsies of India.
its a round world ticket. they will touch you inside, and make your body move.


>>Habibti Ensemble: 

Habibti Ensemble is a 9 member musical collective of friends, formed at Kibbutz Samar, Israel, in 2013.

The members of Habibti Ensemble create a mesmerizing musical scene, that takes the listener to a journey between the summer nights of Baghdad to the sunsets of the Edom mountains.

Musical Performances