The scenery, atmosphere and spirit of BiblicL Roots attracts many visitors who want to celebrate their special days at this beautiful and unique site. The biblical garden opens its doors to everyone, allowing us to produce a variety of experiences tailored just for you, according to your needs and wishes. Whether you are hosting a family celebration, business conference or social gathering, at Biblical Roots, we guarantee an experience that will stay with you forever.

What we can offer


Families and Social Events:

  • Warm welcoming and site tour

  • A variety of workshops using natural products are available for guests

  • A festive meal with a variety of menus

  • Design and production

  • Exploring the GalileeFor


Business and Corporate Events:

  • Reception and site tour

  • Enriching workshops and music

  • conference hall

  • Superb range of menus

  • Exploring the Galilee

  • accommodation 

For more information and any questions or special requests, please contact us so that together we can make your day memorable.



Celebrating life
Celebrating life



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