Return to the Past and Look Forward...

An ecological program that explores nature from antiquity to the present .day In recent years at DerechhaTanaach el haTeva, we have developed a unique program that combines interaction with nature and natural sources of sustainability to teach our guests responsibility for the environment

The program:

Morning session: A presentation on ‘the story of the earth’, focusing on sustainability and personal responsibility. This entertaining presentation, given by site staff, demonstrates the development of the way humanity related to nature throughout the generations. We will see how this process changes the relationship between humanity and nature and discussthe impacts of our interaction on the environment today.

>>Environmental sculpture: each class designs their own sculpture (mandalas). Mandala painting is an ancient Buddhist practice, designed to bring peace and contemplation to the practitioner as they think about cycles and nature. The mandala workshop is hosted by a local artist, Leah Gurevich. Enjoy this experience of working as a team to learn about the cyclens in our environment and in the human soul.


‘>>Gift of Nature’ Workshop: Beeswax candles: This session is about honey bees and the importance of the ecological make-up of the environment. Learn about the various apiary products, and prepare beeswax candles together. At the end of this workshop, each participant will receive a pair of homemade wax candles.

>>'Gift of Nature’ Workshop: Fragrant and medicinal plants: In this workshop, we will learn about the lavender plant and its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Then we will learn about aromatherapy and create scented oil together. At the end of this workshop, each participant will receive homemade lavender-scented oil.

>>Web of Life Game: What is an ecosystem? Do people have a place in it? In Web of Life we will try to ask these questions and answer them.

Food from nature:NajdiaSawa’ed, a Bedouin from the village of Kamanah, will teach us how to recognize Galilean herbs and their uses. Together, we will grind spices, taste honey, prepare halva, hyssop spred (zatar), prepare white and whole wheat pita bread, and drink herbal tea.

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