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The reconstructed biblical village of  hosted thousands of students and visitors whove experienced what it was like to live here in biblical times.

We offer experiential workshops that integrate the schoole curriculum. A visit to DerechhaTanaach is not just a day of fun, but a unique experience of working, learning and tasting, using all the senses. 

>>Receiving Torah: this workshop demonstrates the production and development of writing with ink, preparing the sheperds flutes, weaving bracelets, and pumping water from the well. finally we follow Moses in the desert and learn about “Matan Torah.” This workshop is especially suitable for Torah ceremonies of the classroom and school.

>>Life of Our Ancestors: this workshop focuses on life around the tent of our ancestors. Together with them, we become children of Israel.This is a creative activity that illustrates life at that time by:preparing labneh (a kind of cheese), pumping water from a well, preparing flutes, weaving bracelets, and finally a ceremony of the original exodus.

>>Olives: this workshop demonstrates olive harvesting and the ancient olive press operation to create olive oil. We learn about olive groves and ancient harvest working methods, in clothdrawing the oil, making olive wood medallions, creating clay oil lamps and vials of scented oil (Succoth to Hannukah).

>>Grain: harvesting, threshing and grinding wheat for baking. We will harvest in the field and learn about the cultivation of wheat. We will visit the threshing floor and get to know the farm implements. Activities include: gathering sheaves of wheat, grinding the wheat using millstones, and finally eating the fruit of our labors (Passover until Shavuot).

>>Vine: in this workshop, we tread grapes in the winepress to form the biblical creation of “wine”. (During summer and autumn).

Bees and honey: we will learn about the amazing life of bees, viewing a hive through glass and learning about bees: from the accumulation of nectar to honey. Includes a visit to the Apiary, creating beeswax candles, and tasting different types of honey.

>>Power of the weeds: in this workshop we will get to know the different uses of herbs and aromatic spices from antiquity up until the present day, through stories, tasting and cooking. Includes creating a bag of lavender, and preparing scented oil.

The workshops can be combined in a creative activity of preparing white bread and a hyssop with  herbal tea. These workshops are suitable for the hole family.

There is a indoor venue which can accommodate up to 200 visitors for workshops and other school events, as well as dining options and overnight accommodation.

We would love to build this special program with you. Please contact us for additional details. 

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