Honey Galil

Michmanim Honey was established in 1980 as only a small apiary, but has since grown to be one of the most famous and loved brands of honey in the Galilee. Our bees are given personal attention and care, allowing us to collect quality honey. Each day the bees fly out to collect the nectar of wildflowers, which contain aromatics (flower extracts), and return with pure, delicious honey, adding antibiotic enzymesderived from bee saliva. The process results in the natural honey whose health benefits have been known for thousands of years.

We have a number of small apiaries, allowing us to travel with the bees to various regions around the Galilee throughout each season according to the flowers in blossom, as the bees collect honey from wildflowers, hyssop, sage, jujube, eucalyptus, avocado and citrus flowers.

During the season of honey harvesting, honey is collected into separate barrels according to the type of honey.It is processed and packaged without heating. Quality honey is a product of personal attention, dedication love for the bees. Our raw honey is used for natural medicine (apitherapy).

Honey: Prevents disease, strengthens the body, and is effective in treating wounds, edema and fungi. 

Propolis: A product of ‘nature’s pharmacy’, antibiotic, antiviral, and can be used to cure internal infections and strengthen the immune system.

Pollen: Rich in protein, vitamin B12 and zinc, therfor recommended for vegetarians and for treatment of the prostate (sold frozen)

Royal Jelly: rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential to enhance recovery and strengthening the immune system (sold frozen)

Honey and other apiary products can be found here at Michmanim and also leading stores in the north. Products are offered in a variety of gift packaging, special jars and personalized gifts for all occasions.

We invite you to visit us at Michmanim (preferably by appointment) to see, learn about and purchase our products directly from the apiary.

For further information and reservations, you can visit Michmanim Honey http://www.honeygalil.co.il/ or contact us.


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